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Tue Jul 19 23:33:11 PDT 2011

                    CQ Worldwide VHF Contest

Call: PJ2BVU
Operator(s): PJ2BVU
Station: PJ2BVU

Class: SOSB/6 LP
Operating Time (hrs): 4

 Band  QSOs  Mults
    6:  91     53
Total:  91     53  Total Score = 4,823



In general this Es season has been horrible compared to last year.
At least it was "open" this year; last year the Es gods decided to turn off the
switch on July 7th.
Saturday hope started at 20:00 when I heard HA5JI in the noise calling someone
but gone after 30 seconds.
Hope again at 20:50 with EA3AKY, not strong but solid copy. Alas mainly CQing
and listening for about 1ms in between. It lasted 3 minutes.
At 21:00 a maniac: E70T at 30+WPM and also not listening between his CQs. Too
bad it would have been a new one.
Finally a very short opening of 18 minutes to W5s, not a very good start: 10
contacts and 5 grids.
Sunday morning not very encouraging but at 17:00 it started to open to TI and
next to W until 23:00. Very heavy QSB and the contest ended at 21:00 :-(

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