[3830] CaQP K8MR SOFixed HP

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Sun Oct 2 15:24:46 PDT 2011

                    California QSO Party

Call: K8MR
Operator(s): K8MR
Station: K8MR

Class: SOFixed HP
QTH: Ohio
Operating Time (hrs): 9

 Band  CW Qs  Ph Qs
   80:   14      4
   40:   39     18
   20:   48     41
   15:   49     56
   10:   40     96
Total:  190    215  Mults = 56  Total Score = 56,000

Club: Mad River Radio Club


A good way to spend yet another cold, wet Sunday in Cleveland. Missed Del Norte
and Madera for the sweep.

Great to have 10 meters back!

See you next weekend in the PA QSO Party. I'm still looking for a driver, but
even if none found, I will make an appearance from my old home county of
Mercer, and maybe a few others.

California guys: keep in mind that the PaQP does multipliers by ARRL sections,
not just states, so get on and you may find yourself passing out a rare one!

73  -  Jim  K8MR

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