[3830] CaQP AA8IA SOFixed LP

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Sun Oct 2 15:30:52 PDT 2011

                    California QSO Party

Call: AA8IA
Operator(s): AA8IA
Station: AA8IA

Class: SOFixed LP
QTH: Toronto OH EN90ql
Operating Time (hrs): 11:42

 Band  CW Qs  Ph Qs
   80:    4       
   40:   57     27
   20:   83     40
   15:   65     47
   10:   76     47
Total:  285    161  Mults = 54  Total Score = 63,558

Club: Mad River Radio Club


10-20m was a blast.   10/15 were open both days just great between OH and CA.  
I probably spent too much time on those bands, but I couldn't help myself.  I
did better on 80m last year.   Can't tell if it was a noise problem or that
nobody was hanging out on 80m.   I just know I barely heard a station, and the
few that I did hear had trouble copying me on 80m.

I did a lot more SSB this time around, which forced me to make some extra
contacts just to beat out my score from last year.   When bands are good and
the radio is working right, it's too easy to go to Phone and neglect CW.  I
gotta remember that there is usually a point bonus for CW Qs.

I was down about 30 Qs from last year on 20m and but made up for them on 10m
this year.

I missed YOLO, SHAS, DELN and MERC.   Last year I only missed two, and they
were SISK and GLEN.

K6AQL was sounding great from all the counties I worked him on 40-10m.

Thanks to the sponsors and all of the CA crowd for putting on an extremely fun

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