[3830] Makrothen RTTY KX7L SO/Single Xcvr LP

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Sun Oct 9 11:13:33 PDT 2011

                    Makrothen RTTY Contest

Call: KX7L
Operator(s): KX7L
Station: KX7L

Class: SO/Single Xcvr LP
Operating Time (hrs): 4

 Band  QSOs
   80:    3
   40:   22
   20:   25
   15:   32
   10:   27
Total:  109  Total Score = 628,102

Club: Western Washington DX Club


Every year I rediscover how much I love this contest: the scoring format, the
8-on, 8-off time periods, and the great world wide activity.  This was another
chance to work some new ones on 10m as well.  High points were a nice run of
JA's on 10 m just before the end of the 2nd period, and getting up in the wee
hours and  working a couple of 20k point VK's on 40.

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