[3830] PaQP KN3A Single Op LP

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Sun Oct 9 15:15:36 PDT 2011

                    Pennsylvania QSO Party

Call: KN3A
Operator(s): KN3A
Station: KN3A

Class: Single Op LP
Operating Time (hrs): 

 Band  CW Qs  Ph Qs  RTTY Qs  PSK31 Qs
   80:   42     60      0         0
   40:  141    188      0         0
   20:   27      4      0         0
   15:    1      0      0         0
Total:  211    252      0         0  Mults = 104  Total Score = 71,844

Club: Allegheny Valley Radio Association


I missed sweep by one county - CRN (Cameron). Nobody operated in Adams either
this year but did get them late on Sunday afternoon on 40 meters. Normally I
try to work all CW but wanted to try for a county sweep this year, which the
odds of doing on CW only are virtually Nil. I realize a couple of things - the
dipole I put up for 20 and 40 meters are awesome, and the second thing is my
G5RV 10-80 antenna needs replaced because I had a terrible signal on 80 meters.
That will be fixed by the November SS. I also need to look at putting up
something for 160 meters because my G5RV does not tune effectively on 160
meters at all.

The PAQP is always one of the best contests to work and this year was no
exception. Thanks to everyone who put this together for us and look forward to
a clean sweep next year!

Kenwood TS 450SAT
75 Watts
N1MM Logger

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