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Mon Oct 10 02:51:37 PDT 2011

                    Scandinavian Activity Contest, SSB

Call: OZ1ADL
Operator(s): OZ1ADL
Station: OZ1ADL

Class: SOAB HP
QTH: Galten
Operating Time (hrs): 22

 Band  QSOs  Mults
   80:  135    34
   40:  202    45
   20:  421    45
   15:  438    39
   10:  494    37
Total: 1690   200  Total Score = 922,400

Club: Bavarian Contest Club


Wow !

That was fun ...

I had originally planned other activities for the week-end, and had a less than
functional 40 m Yagi hanging @ 20 m, but had a "familiar opening", so in the
last minute I was able to turn the radio on to a wide open 10 m band - and
there seemed to be no end to the amount of North American stations pouring

I could have continued on 10 all day and evening, but also had to get a few
multipiers on the other bands, so I just kept on running and running - until I
got down to 40 m around midnight - then things slowed down significantly - and
I also had to get a couple of hours of sleep and got up and worked a bit on a
very quiet 80 m band...until the higher bands woke up a little later than
usual, it seemed...

All the while I was following OZ7X ( OZ5KF, Kristian ) who was going at pretty
high rates as well and we were both fairly busy - but when we came down to 40
m,  I had to let him run away with the use of his QuadÂ's  ...hi hi...

Congratulations on an excellent result, Kristian - Very well done !

Sunday was not half as busy - I think I made 10 QÂ's on 10 m - so I went down
and worked Europeans on 40 m on a dipole, but I have a feeling that I should
have searched around for some more multipliers on the other bands instead...

All in all a lot of fun and Radio Action in the Shack, while OZ1LCG & OZ1XJ
were working on an extra position for the new 15 m Optibeam outside.

Nice to see OZ up among the other Northern brethren in the higher end of SAC
for once
 :-) Take that Finland :-)

Best 73 de Jan, OZ1ADL

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