[3830] NyQP N2ZN/M MobileMixed LP

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Sun Oct 16 15:43:58 PDT 2011

                    New York QSO Party

Call: N2ZN/M
Operator(s): N2ZN
Station: N2ZN/M

Class: MobileMixed LP
Operating Time (hrs): 5
Radios: SO2R

 Band  CW Qs  Ph Qs  Dig Qs
   40:   77     24       
   20:   61              
   15:    3              
   10:           3       
Total:  141     27      0  Mults = 59  Total Score = 18,231

Club: Rochester (NY) DX Association


Time constraints due to family activities limited operation to 5 hours.  This
was a single op mobile entry, so I drove to a location, operated, then drove to
the next location, operated, etc.  I'm sure I spent more time driving and
finding a spot to operate than actually operating!  

Locations in Allegeny and Wyoming counties were quite good (~2000' ASL
hilltops, no power lines, highest point in area), but the spot I found in
Cattaraugus county was noisy and in a valley.  Sorry to anyone I couldn't copy
there (or anywhere else).  The FT-857 I use in the car is very sensitive to
local noise, so there were some signals that got covered up at times.  40 was
quite noisy and my SWR was high there, so my apologies for being weak on both
TX and RX.  I also had some RFI problems which may have killed my CAT interface
for the rig while in Cattaraugus.  Guess that is not a lucky county.

20 seemed to work well-signals were loud.  Probably should have worked that
band more.

I tried 10 SSB once, thinking I might work some southern USA or west coast. 
Very surprised when two Europeans and a ZS5 answered me there, instead of any

Very glad to see some of the rarer counties activated, including Clinton,
Chatauqua, Orange, Warren, and Sullivan.  I guess everybody missed Rockland
this year?

Thanks for the QSO's, and see you next year from ???

Station Description-

Rig: FT-857, 100W
Antenna: ATAS-120
N1MM Logger
Counties activated: Allegany, Cattaraugus, Wyoming, Livingston, Monroe, Wayne.

73, Ken N2ZN

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