[3830] NyQP N4NW SOMixed HP

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Mon Oct 17 07:45:22 PDT 2011

                    New York QSO Party

Call: N4NW
Operator(s): N4NW
Station: N4NW

Class: SOMixed HP
QTH: Virginia
Operating Time (hrs): 6

 Band  CW Qs  Ph Qs  Dig Qs
  160:    1      0      0
   80:   23     26      0
   40:   56    106      0
   20:    2      0      0
   15:    0      0      0
   10:    0      0      0
    6:    0      0      0
    2:    0      0      0
  222:    0      0      0
  432:    0      0      0
Total:   82    132      0  Mults = 54  Total Score = 15,984

Club: Potomac Valley Radio Club


Out of eight operating events to choose from, three being state QSO parties and
the Worked All Germany contest I chose to the NYQP to exercise the station for
the coming contest season. 

Of the signals heard & worked from New York, the majority were strong and easy
to contact. However, there did not appear to be very many stations from New
York operating the QSO party. Although I worked every county heard I only
managed 54 of the 62. 

For as many hams as there are in New York, participation in the state QSO party
was disappointing. Sometimes called CQ for up to five minutes before New York
station would answer. Very few NY stations were heard calling CQ NYQP and only
a couple of others outside NY were heard looking for contacts in NY. 

I would like to thank all the NY stations who did participate and give me a
contact and perhaps a county multiplier. Next year I will carefully consider if
my operating time will be better spent operating one of the other state QSO
parties or the Worked All German contest.

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