[3830] TBDC K6CSL Single Op LP

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Mon Oct 24 05:01:51 PDT 2011

                    Stew Perry Topband Challenge - Warmup

Call: K6CSL
Operator(s): K6CSL
Station: K6CSL

Class: Single Op LP
Operating Time (hrs): 8:00

Total:  QSOs = 14  Total Score = 96

Club: Northern California Contest Club


This indeed became a real challenge. First off, it seemed the participation
seemed to be poor. Then the conditions weren't very good. I heard T32C about
05:30Z, very briefly, 339 and not workable. Thursday night at about the same
time they were 559 her in CM97 and I worked them. This time my most distant
contacts were KL7RA in BP40 and N2IC in DM52. At about 09:00Z I call Dave,
AA0RS in Platteville, CO(DN70). He was initially about 569. He answered my call
and finally got my call sign right after numerous repeats. He then began asking
for repeats of my grid and finally faded away into the noise. I never heard him
the rest of the night. I have regularly worked CO stations and even into KS and
IA in previous Stew Perry events. This was half of last years October event and
a quarter of last Decembers event. I hope this years December Stew Perry will be
better. TNX to the KB'ers who gave me CM87 and CM98. I was surprized not to hear
another CM97 station. Bert, K6CSL

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