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Mon Oct 31 03:12:09 PDT 2011

                    CQ Worldwide DX Contest, SSB

Call: NQ4I
Station: NQ4I

Class: M/M HP
QTH: Griffin, Ga
Operating Time (hrs): 48

 Band  QSOs  Zones  Countries
  160:  235    14       36
   80:  365    26       94
   40: 1282    35      120
   20: 1814    40      146
   15: 1432    39      149
   10: 2275    37      150
Total: 7403   191      695  Total Score = 16,555,796

Club: South East Contest Club


Oh what a contest...I spent 3 continous months preparing on my off days for this
test. Raised the 40m Mult antenna from 80 ft to 160 ft on new Rohn 55 tower and
we built and installed a 12 element LPDA for 80m with a 190 ft boom. Needless
to say the conditions on the low bands from the SE US were pitiful. On 160m on
Friday night numerous EU's cq'ed in our face...some were s9+10 db and they were
unable to hear us at all...what a shame. The low band conditions affected the
40m score some what also. We had more audio related interference in the station
that I can ever remember...not really sure why, as nothing had changed in the
station from before. For the first time we started the contest with 11 TenTec
Orions ...one kept shutting down and locking up and was replaced with a

Station firsts...New total qso number all time record...new qso total on 40m
and 10m....and new score total for CQWW SSB...NEW 4th CALL area record
also...so some reasons to take pleasure from this weekend.....distance based
scoring would not have helped us this weekend at all....if you can't run the
number of qso's then you are not in the game...we had some kind of problem with
interference from 40m to the 15 m station that caused lower than normal numbers

enough of the excuses..we did have a great time...a few new ops to the station,
and Mark W4SVO made a great beef stew for Saturday night...I will try to recover
from this weekend...my wife and I are going on a 7 day Caribbean cruise to
celebrate her birthday in November so maybe I can get some rest and relaxation
and be ready for CW...hi

Thanks to all who came and participated this past weekend...cu u all in 4 weeks
in cw.

de Rick NQ4I

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