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Mon Oct 31 19:27:17 PDT 2011

                    CQ Worldwide DX Contest, SSB

Call: W7VJ
Operator(s): K0PJ, KQ7W, K7OG, N7NM, K7VI
Station: W7VJ

Class: M/S HP
Operating Time (hrs): 46

 Band  QSOs  Zones  Countries
  160:    6     6        5
   80:   63    16       22
   40:  318    29       73
   20:  443    37      115
   15:  731    36      125
   10:  610    32       99
Total: 2171   156      439  Total Score = 3,366,510

Club: Western Washington DX Club


Amazing.  Cannot fully articulate experiencing something that was so truly
unique, at least in so far as this cycle is concerned.  Running western EU at 8
to 9 PM their local time on 10 was exhilarating.  Though the solar flux and K
deteriorated on the second day, that is when our rates began to rise.  With the
exception of the 0200 to 0700 UTC doldrums we experience out here, the runs just
began and never ended until the contest was over. This was also an exceptional
learning experience in terms of new equipment and station enhancements that
will hopefully better integrate and automate antenna selection, etc.  And this
was our best score ever... making the event particularly memorable.

My thanks to fellow team members for an exceptional job.  And my thanks to
those who we worked.  Now for a repeat in the CW weekend.



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