[3830] ARRL 160 N1DC Single Op LP

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Sun Dec 2 09:39:22 EST 2012

                    ARRL 160-Meter Contest

Call: N1DC
Operator(s): N1DC
Station: N1DC

Class: Single Op LP
QTH: Braintree MA
Operating Time (hrs): 5

Total:  QSOs = 166  Sections = 31  Countries = 0  Total Score = 10,292

Club: Yankee Clipper Contest Club


I desperately need a better 160M antenna. The 80M dipole fed through a balun
with ladder line works OK but only to about 900 miles. I changed the
orientation of this dipole to make it more horizontal at 35 ft with an apex
angle of 90 degrees. It worked better when it was at 25 ft with a 60 degree
apex and more of a sloping orientation. 

No DX this time although I could here several stations. No none beyond 1,000
miles could hear me.

Station:  Ten Tec Omni 7 @ 100W,   80M dipole run through an MFJ tuner/balun

Sorry if I stepped on anyone.  I did send QRL twice before CQing. A bad antenna
means bad ears !

Thanks for the QSO's.

Rick  N1DC

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