[3830] ARRL 160 KQ0C Single Op HP

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Sun Dec 2 12:56:42 EST 2012

                    ARRL 160-Meter Contest

Call: KQ0C
Operator(s): KQ0C
Station: KQ0C

Class: Single Op HP
QTH: Colorado
Operating Time (hrs): 15

Total:  QSOs = 264  Sections = 75  Countries = 15  Total Score = 46,563

Club: Grand Mesa Contesters of Colorado


A breakthrough contest for me.

I spent much of the fall crawling around on my lawn installing radials for my
inverted L and a Beverege on Ground receiving antenna. The benefits showed as I
was able to really hear on 160 for the first time and I made nearly every
contact on the first call... including Chile, France, Belgium, Germany and
England. This is the most DX I have ever heard... not to mention worked.

I also really learned towork the radio's filtering and noise control for CW for
the first time. Now Iunderstand what all that stuff that doesn't really help on
SSB is for.

My CW is poor so I only do S&P. But it is getting much better, and with the
slower speeds typical of this contest I was able to hear most call signs the
first or second time.

Worked fellow GMCCers KO7X,K0CL,W0DLE,W0ETT,W0YBS,N2IC

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