[3830] 10RTTY KX7L Single Op LP

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Sun Dec 2 20:11:47 EST 2012

                    Ten-Meter RTTY Contest

Call: KX7L
Operator(s): KX7L
Station: KX7L

Class: Single Op LP
Operating Time (hrs): 2

Total:  QSOs = 39  State/Prov = 15  Countries = 2  Total Score = 663

Club: Western Washington DX Club


This one was a bit of a bust for me.  Wasn't able to get on the air until late
in the afternoon on Saturday, and by then the band was petering out.  Sunday,
though propagation seemed mediocre, I was doing OK until a tree fell across the
power lines and the power went off for a few hours.  Oh well...  next year!

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