[3830] 10RTTY CT1EEK Single Op LP

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Mon Dec 3 15:20:57 EST 2012

                    Ten-Meter RTTY Contest

Call: CT1EEK
Operator(s): CT1EEK
Station: CT1EEK

Class: Single Op LP
Operating Time (hrs): 8

Total:  QSOs = 98  State/Prov = 18  Countries = 30  Total Score = 4,704



Seeing the propagation “forecast”, I was sure that the TEN meter RTTY day
will be a challenge. SFI was 102. Early in the morning, Eastern Europe was
coming by, no JA's. Not a whisper from Europe. Later USA was quiet, some
signals. Patience will do the difference. Enjoy all the Q’s. For the record,
almost for 3 hours, my eldest son (6 years) was just by my side, watching his
father decoding all that strange noises coming out from that little box that we
call radio, making all possible questions! You can imagine! Maybe in the near
future we will be a MS station ;-)!  CU on the screen!

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