[3830] Commonwealth 9H3ET Restricted-24 LP

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Sun Mar 11 15:26:15 PDT 2012

                    RSGB Commonwealth Contest, CW

Call: 9H3ET
Operator(s): G£LET
Station: 9H3ET

Class: Restricted-24 LP
QTH: Gozo
Operating Time (hrs): 23

 Band  QSOs
Total: 1105  Total Score = 9,880



Haven't counted up the QSOs on each band yet, but the bonuses are as follows:

10m - 29
15m - 52
20m - 62
40m - 59
80m - 17

Total QSOs 1105
Score, allowing for a few dupes is around 9,880.

Operation was from the car, located in an exposed spot to the NW of the island
of Gozo.  The only spot available was a ploughed field before spring sowinbg
and so you can guess the state of everything at the end of the event!

The big disappointment was losing the 80m GP mast in the storm on Friday abnd
with it the dipole strung that and the 40m GP mast, which hung on by the skin
of its teeth, having lost one upper guy.  The 18m spider pole supporting the
80m GP just snapped above the lower guy point in the force 9 which lasted all
of Friday day and night and subsided at 0900 on BERU morning.  Credit goes to
Chinese engineering of the generator, which was out in the open all this time.

The site here has direct sea outlook from NE through W to S and signals were
generally great except on 80m, which had to rely upon loading the 40m vertical
and accepting the enormous SWR.  Apologies for my rubbish signal on this
account and many thanks to those who winkled me oout, especially Nigel, who
restored some much lacking confidence by calling me on 80 from ZD7..

This was a restricted section entry and I'd printed out logsheets up to 960
QSOs, thinking this would be plenty,but the huge number of G callers required
some frantic additions on the back of the largely unused dupe sheets - thanks
guys guys!

Finally, before the battery goes, the kit in use was a K3/100 feeding a 40m GP
installed on a 18m spiderpole, triple band 20/15/10 GP on a 12m ditto and the
star of the show was planned to be the top loaded 80m GP on a second 18m mast,
with a 3 band diple strung between this and the 40m GP mast, to allow for
expected higher angle propagation to the UK.  In the end, I was left with the
triple and 40m GPs, using the 40m GP also on 80m which lost an awful lot of

Conditions overall were good from this location, being further south than the
UK and Canada, who seemed to have the worst of it.  Antipodal signals on 20 and
40 especially were amazing and better than I've ever heard them.

Very many thanks to all who contributed to this very special event and in
particular to some amazing ears on 80m.

73, Peter 9H3ET (G3LET)

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