[3830] Rus DX JA1BPA(@JG1ZUY) SO Mixed HP

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Mon Mar 19 07:14:40 PDT 2012

                    Russian DX Contest

Call: JA1BPA
Operator(s): JA1BPA
Station: JG1ZUY

Class: SO Mixed HP
QTH: Kimitsu City, CHIBA
Operating Time (hrs): 23
Radios: SO2R

 Band  CW Qs  Ph Qs  Countries  Oblasts
   80:     9              6         4
   40:   312    57       48        56
   20:   352    98       44        59
   15:   423   244       50        63
   10:    63     8       22        19
Total:  1159   407      170       201  Total Score = 4,382,994

Club: University of Tokyo Contest Club


First of all, I am glad to be back to this contest.  Last year, the Great
Earthquake of March 11 caused limited supply of gas here and I could not find
enough gas to drive 100km one-way to where JG1ZUY is located.

Propagation this year, however, was far from what I had expected.  My original
plan was to work many Russian stations at high speed on SSB using my knowledge
in "Russkij jazyk," but it hardly materialized.  I ended up spending most of
the time on CW (where I had no language advantage) and 10mb never opened
sufficiently to enable operation on SSB.  QSB was hard for the polar paths, and
I had to ask or be asked for the serial number many times to avoid penalties. 
(I still expect lots of UBN's, though.)

As Dave, NH2T, noted, this year's propagation favored stations in south.  After
the sunset, I could not hear several European stations that JH4UYB was running
on 15mb CW.  I know that his antennas are much bigger, but still located
relatively north within Japan seemed to be having an impact.

Thank you for all stations who patiently exchanged numbers with me.  My next
contest will likely be JIDX CW, part-time.  Hope to see you all again on the


de Icko, JA1BPA

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