[3830] 7QP K7RE/M MobileCW LP

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Sun May 6 14:46:58 PDT 2012

                    7th Call Area QSO Party

Call: K7RE/M
Operator(s): K7RE
Station: K7RE

Class: MobileCW LP
Operating Time (hrs): 10

 Band  CW Qs  Ph Qs  Dig Qs
   20:  594              
Total:  594     0       0  Mults = 56  Total Score = 99,792



I put in about 10 hours of drive time, handled by the XYL, 
  KD7GLY. It did rain steadily for about 70% of that time.  St
  ill, the cloud cover made to display of my little net book easier
   to see. I am constantly amazed at how lousy many fists seem
   to be, many beyond recognition.  In this day and age, it 
  is difficult for me to understand how operators can not even
   send their own call signs.  Most radios have CW keyers, and
   free computer programs that log usually can send CW macros 
  as well.  Some radios even allow CW macros.  Why not simply 
  load either or both of these devices with a macro that contains
  your call sign and exchange?  If you don't own a PC, older
   486 machines can be had for nothing, as well as a lot of very
  usable  and free software.  I also encountered a lot of 
  dupes, at one point, 16 out of 20 that called me were dupes!
   This takes up everyone's time and resources, again easily 
  remedied by a logging computer. Still we had a very nice time
  , and I thank all those operators whom we contacted. Someday 
  I hope that LOTW and EQSL will allow electronic verification
  n with rovers in different counties without jumping through 
  too many hoops.

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