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Mon May 28 12:25:18 PDT 2012

                    CQWW WPX Contest, CW

Call: WF7T
Operator(s): WF7T
Station: WD4K

Class: SOAB LP
Operating Time (hrs): 35

 Band  QSOs
   80:   27
   40:  419
   20:  433
   15:  721
   10:  114
Total: 1714  Prefixes = 755  Total Score = 3,686,665

Club: Tennessee Contest Group


My gratitude to Tommy (WD4K) and Julie Tow for the use of their house and
station for my favorite CW contest.

This was my first time operating WPX (or any DX contest) from a station that
had more than just wire antennas.  It was a joy and a revelation! I have heard
people with well-appointed stations talk about the "waves and waves" of Qs and
I was able to experience it first hand. I was stunned!

I formulated a workable band change strategy prior to the contest with the help
of fresh Contest University info. CU instructor Frank W3LPL taught us to check
20M at 0800Z for a strong EU opening.  And it was open on Saturday...and it was
really fun! 15M wasn't quite there yet until it exploded open around 1030z!

Other highlights:  200+ 6 point Qs on 40M. With 15M so strong I checked 10M
often. A brief EU opening on 10M Sunday morning and even briefer in the evening
netted 49 DXCC mostly in EU and near Asia. Yes, and 15M just kept going and
going and going. Also notable were Asia openings mornings and evenings! 

I fear I wasn't at my best during the contest window. I noted a scratchy throat
on Friday morning and by that night I had a full-fledged fever. Surely it would
have been pitiful to have seen me shivering and rocking under a comforter in
front of the radio for two days. Luckily, no one saw how much a baby I am when
sick and thus my self-esteem is intact.

I can not make excuses for my horrible CW, however. The more I operate, and
especially from decent stations, the more I am humbled by what I describe at
best as my mediocre skills. I heard many great CW ops this week-end making me
pause, listen, and learn a bit. Sick, unfamiliar radio, and my questionable CW
made for a little struggle. Thank you to the many ops who repeated their calls
and exchanges.

I do (and don't) want to see my log check report when it is available. I am
sure to be mortified! I am trying to not get too puffed up over my experience
but I can't help but be pleased!

Lastly thanks to Randy K5ZD & CQ Magazine for running a really fine contest! 

Log Confirmation #: 1316932.cq-wpx-cw

Station used for the contest:
Yaesu Mark V FT1000MP at 100W
160M: Inv. L
80M: Dipole at 120ft, Inv. V.
40M: 3 Elements at 100', Inv. V and Vertical 
20-10M: Yagi stack at 110/75/35' <-- on a hill :-)
N1MM 12.5.3, WinKeyer USB

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