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Mon Nov 26 09:14:49 EST 2012

                    CQ Worldwide DX Contest, CW

Call: P49Y
Operator(s): AE6Y
Station: P49Y

Class: SOAB LP
QTH: Aruba
Operating Time (hrs): 44
Radios: SO2R

 Band  QSOs  Zones  Countries
  160:  112    13       21
   80:  399    18       53
   40: 1331    26       82
   20: 1015    32       77
   15: 1391    26       89
   10: 1581    24       76
Total: 5829   139      398  Total Score = 9,298,155

Club: Northern California Contest Club


With Aruba to be well represented in the HP ranks (P40F-R5GA and P40W-W2GD), I
thought I would do something different.  SB was a possibility, but 15 and 10
are usually dominated by more southern stations, I have already done 40 twice,
and 20 seemed like it might be a bit of an orphan this year, assuming condx
were going to be good for the high bands, so the relative simplicity of LP was
the decision.  In general, it was fun, though I certainly could have used an
extra 10-13 dB on occasions when trying to get through pileups for a mult on
the second radio, and also on 160.  On that band, with our excellent beverages
I was in the annoying position of hearing stations that I just couldn't work,
and it was quite frustrating.  
  The score and mult totals are a bit approximate, as I need to train my
software to deal better with certain calls (e.g., VP2V/AA7V it thought was in
the US, though if the order had been reversed it would have known better), and
also using a CTY.DAT file from 2009 was a little foolish, since it missed PJ4
and PJ7 as separate countries.... 
  My personal K3 suffered its first injury in 5 years, due to pilot error.  I
forgot that I had bypassed our external filters in an attempt to push every
possible watt into the antennas.  Unfortunately in testing an Alpha 86 that I
lent to P40W, I accidentally left the K3 on while using the amp with the second
radio (and a shared antenna), with the result that receive is now dead, and it
needs some ministrations from Elecraft.  Fortunately, the shack K3 worked fine,
as did a spare Pro2 for a second radio.  I must say that the K3 is really an
amazing CW run radio.  Unless someone nearby has key clicks, you can be in the
middle of a very crowded band and never know your neighbors are there, though
you can see them all around on the P3.
  As usual, Aruba has a pleasant social side, with a Thanksgiving dinner at a
hotel buffet with W2GD, R5GA, P43A, P43C, P43L and P43L spouse.  It's a shame
to go back home tomorrow, though Sunday was uncharacteristically rainy and
windy all day -- a great time to be indoors playing radio.
  Thanks to everyone who participated in the contest and especially to those
who moved bands upon request.  Apologies are due for my occasional QLFs on
moves when tiredness caused a freq to be misinterpreted, the wrong radio to be
chosen, the operator to momentarily fall asleep and forget what he was doing,
or some other blunder to prevent the QSO from being made.
  73, Andy, AE6Y
Rig: K3/P3, 756 Pro2
Ant: 2 el 10, 5 el 15, 4 el 20, 2 el 40, 1 el 80, vert dipole 160, C31,
Software: CQPWIN ver. 12.6

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