[3830] ARRL 10 KT8K SO CW QRP

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Sun Dec 15 20:17:07 EST 2013

                    ARRL 10-Meter Contest

Call: KT8K
Operator(s): KT8K
Station: KT8K

Class: SO CW QRP
QTH: EN82ch SE Michigan
Operating Time (hrs): 16:29

 Band  QSOs  Mults
   CW:  372   100
  SSB:    0     0
Total:  372   100  Total Score = 148,800

Club: Mad River Radio Club


Got in more time than I expected, and why not?  Conditions were amazingly good
right up to the end, when the JA's were pounding in here louder than anybody
else.  What a gas!  

Thanks to all who listened hard for my puny signal and put up with my twitching
fingers on the keyboard, rudely sending things when I wasn't supposed to.  I'll
do better next time.  Maybe this solar cycle is a weak one, but 10 meters was
world wide a LOT of the time.  I was making close in QSO's on backscatter -
fairly unusual at my power level.  I checked but there was no action in the wee
hours here except a little meteor scatter and some tropo that let me hear N9RD
and W0AIH in Wisconsin around 5:50Z (12:50AM EST-local).  Daylight (1145Z)
Sunday saw the band cracking open and by 1230Z I was neck deep in EU stations,
having a ball.  

I did hear a few stations with healthy "halos" of phase noise etc. -
keeping their channel clear for nearly a kiloHertz on both sides.  Also, some
stations weren't confirming corrections and I heard obvious errors going into
logs a lot, some of them mine but I couldn't get back to the station through
the pileup to make the correction with my small signal.  I was lucky to get
through once!
Were the XE's enjoying this?  I expect so - the Mexican stations had some nice
pileups going with their new multiplier status.  

It's been a great Fall season at KT8K and I can't say thanks enough.  I'm
already looking toward some winter antenna work in preparation for the next big
contests.  (no "big tower" though <sob> 
Looking forward to putting y'all in the log again then.  73 (72) de kt8k - Tim

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