[3830] ARRL 10 K5GO(@WA5RTG) SO CW HP

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Mon Dec 16 08:17:31 EST 2013

                    ARRL 10-Meter Contest

Call: K5GO
Operator(s): K5GO
Station: WA5RTG

Class: SO CW HP
Operating Time (hrs): 26

 Band  QSOs  Mults
   CW: 1616   141
Total: 1616   141  Total Score = 911,424



My wife and I moved back to our home town a few months ago to the original QTH
of my original call, WA5RTG. Living in downtown Siloam Springs, AR and love
most everything about it, except the power line noise.  I wanted to work this
contest so I built a couple of antennas in the days before the contest.  Put
one at 35 feet and the other at 12 feet and used a clothes line on the high one
and the coax on the low one to turn them.  No antenna switch so got more
exercise than usual going out to switch coaxes or turn antennas.

I had the city working on the noise a couple weeks ago and they completely
eliminated it (went from 20 over 9 to No Noise) until two days before the
contest. Then it came back but only about S7.  After the first day I was happy
with almost 1,100 contacts and 129 multipliers in the log.  The second day the
noise was worse and it was a real struggle with only 500 contacts.  I had to
ask for multiple repeats on about 50% of the contacts and CQ'd in face of
callers that I could not copy through the noise.  My apologies to those who
called and wasted time assuming I could copy them as well as they could hear

With all that said, I had fun (which is what counts) building the antennas,
putting them up and putting in a near full effort. Congratulations to all those
who either did really well or just had fun this weekend.

Should've had a V8 err...K3

Rig Icom 765
Ten Tec Titan amplifier
Dell Laptop with N1MM

73...Stan, K5GO

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