[3830] ARRL 10 VE3KZ SO Mixed HP

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Mon Dec 16 13:05:58 EST 2013

                    ARRL 10-Meter Contest

Call: VE3KZ
Operator(s): VE3KZ
Station: VE3KZ

Class: SO Mixed HP
Operating Time (hrs): 25

 Band  QSOs  Mults
   CW:  714   128
  SSB:  525   115
Total: 1239   243  Total Score = 948,186

Club: Contest Club Ontario


Congratulations to our Canadian colleagues at MCC. This year we in CCO can only
stand in awe!
Conditions in the ionosphere were great but conditions in this station were
anything but! I oriented my two yagis to Europe and South America. I turned the
latter west Saturday afternoon and then to the north-west. With -16C and a foot
of snow I discovered that both antennas were frozen in place by Sunday
In the meantime, starting right after the start of the contest Friday evening,
some gremlins invaded the transmitter system, producing some unpleasant audio
and keying effects which came and went randomly, were antenna sensitive and
power sensitive, thus resulting in having to run only the exciter at 50 to 150W
for about half the contest, operating with one hand on the exciter power control
and the other close to the amplifier disable switch. This phenomenom only occurs
on 10m and seems to occur most regularly when working a local VE3!
My apologies to everyone for the rasp on both my voice and CW signal. I hope I
minimized the damage.

73 Bob VE3KZ

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