[3830] ARRL 10 VK2CZ SO SSB HP

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Mon Dec 16 16:35:47 EST 2013

                    ARRL 10-Meter Contest

Call: VK2CZ
Operator(s): VK2CZ
Station: VK2CZ

Class: SO SSB HP
QTH: Sydney
Operating Time (hrs): 

 Band  QSOs  Mults
   CW:    0     0
  SSB:  298    89
Total:  298    89  Total Score = 52,525



My performance in the 2013 event was thwarted by my TH7DX tri-band antenna
performance on 10m being some 10dB below my 8 element mono-bander used in
previous years.  That said, the 10m band conditions were brilliant, and unlike
anything experienced in the past 10 years, even with an attenuator as an

Given the tools I had, I looked at getting the securing a most ‘efficient’
score, ie aiming to average 1 multiplier for 3 QSO’s. Managed that pretty
well, with 89 mults from 298 Q’s.

Signals were audible on the tri-bander just prior to dawn and about 6 hours
after sunset from EU!!  Boy, do I miss that big mono-band antenna, as I know
the lift it gave me to win Oceania in this event for 6 consecutive years.  

Does anyone use a Mosley Pro 96  on 10m ?…  am really thinking of junking my
TH7, but do need access to other bands..

Saturday yielded a “hot spot” in the south central Pacific. It was a wide
window where SA, NA and Japan were all accessible at one time, selectable by
the antenna rotator..  even had runs into South America !   may not sound a big
deal to stations in other parts of the world, but the path from Australia to
South America is nigh on impossible on 10m.  I worked callsigns that I’ve
only read about, and both of us paused in the recognition of these unusual

Sunday yielded incredible echo’s lasting up to 600ms on stations located west
of Egypt, with the biggest echo’s heard from the UK stations… nothing to do
with echo’s in the impending Cricket test defeat of the Brits by the Aussies
though.  [[Cricket is like operating 160m SSB from Australia… exciting things
happen perhaps once an hour]]  

Sadly, heard 2 OTHR’s running smack bang in band, one from EU/middle east
which didn’t impact me greatly (S3 around 28.425) , but the one from East
Asia ( possibly west VK ?) knocked out the block from 28.390 to 28.410 with
20/9 signals for like 2 hours.. ughh.

Having just been to Portland Maine 2 just weeks ago, I wanted to chat to the ME
stations a bit longer…next time..

As in past years, my 10m footprint wandered around the USA, this year, see the
frequency table below:

State	QSO
CA  	13
MD  	13
OH  	13
VA  	11
MI  	9
MN  	9
NY  	7
AZ  	6
IL  	6
PA  	6
IA  	5
IN  	5
NJ  	5
TX  	5
GA  	4
OR  	4
CO  	3
MA  	3
WA  	3
WI  	3
AK  	2
BC  	2
CT  	2
DE  	2
HI  	2
KS  	2
ON  	2
VT  	2
WV  	2
BCS  	1
FL  	1
ME  	1
MO  	1
MOR  	1
MS  	1
MT  	1
NE  	1
NH  	1
NV  	1
TN  	1
UT  	1

Seasons Greetings,
David Burger
IEEE History Committee - Chair 2014.

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