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Mon Mar 4 21:33:39 EST 2013

                    ARRL DX Contest, SSB

Call: KH6CJJ
Operator(s): K0YR, KH6CJJ
Station: KH6CJJ

Class: M/S LP
QTH: Maui, Hawaii
Operating Time (hrs): 40

 Band  QSOs  Mults
   80:   76    25
   40:  151    36
   20:  194    39
   15:  359    45
   10:  220    42
Total: 1000   187  Total Score = 560,439

Club: Minnesota Wireless Assn


Tom, K0YR, came from Minnesota to join me for the first ever Multi-Single
operation from KH6CJJ.  My antenna restricted location led to the usual
challenges as we used a multiband hex beam at 20 feet and a G5RV at 40 feet. 
It was especially frustrating to hear Tom, NH6Y, running Q's hard from only 13
miles away with a hexbeam at 50 feet and KW while we were scratching for each
Q.  It was sure obvious whenever we were spotted, as there would be a sudden
avalanche of callers for a few minutes.

10 meters is usually the money band for a low power low antenna operation, but
both Friday afternoon and all day Saturday there were almost no signals from
North America.  Caribbean and South American stations would be loud, but almost
nothing from NA.  Fortunately, Sunday was much better and we were able to
recover some.

Friday evening we did the best ever from this station on 40 and 80, but
Saturday evening was a complete bust, as we couldn't seem to work anyone on
these bands.  We have no idea why.

One thing that really struck Tom was that in the morning, when the higher bands
were open to NA, most of the NA stations were pointed towards Europe.  That made
it hard to break through using low power and low antennas.  This led to very low
rates when they should have been much higher.

Thanks to all who gave us Q's and especially K2PO, K3LR, K9CT, N2NT, N5DX,
NX6T, N6ZZ, W0AIH, W3LPL, WX3B, W6WB, and W7IV who worked us on all five

I'll see you in the WPX later in the month.

73 and Aloha,

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