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Thu Mar 7 07:52:58 EST 2013

                    ARRL DX Contest, SSB

Call: K0TV
Operator(s): K1XM, K1BG, W1END, K0TV
Station: K0TV

Class: M/2 HP
QTH: FN42hr
Operating Time (hrs): 48

 Band  QSOs  Mults
  160:   39    27
   80:  296    69
   40:  466    87
   20: 1100   115
   15: 1050   103
   10:  504    83
Total: 3455   484  Total Score = 4,977,456

Club: Yankee Clipper Contest Club


Everyone at K0TV had a really good time this year. Conditions were OK but we
really would have liked to have gotten C6ANM on 6 bands. We missed them on 10.
According to N1IW, the opening was very short and very weak to New England.
Skip zones were too long for C6A and VP9 for us. Further to the South
conditions were much better with strong signals from stations farther away.

Before the contest, Spinnolio (AKA Marc, KB1EKE) came over to do some last
minute repairs to the 40 meter antenna. The big beam had been blown around
during the recent storms and was tilted over and resting on the top 10 meter
antenna. The rotator had also frozen. I was hoping just to get the antenna
fixed on Europe but Marc found the rotator problem as well as getting the beam
back level. For the first time in a very long time, we had all three rotators
working properly. It was great to be able to turn the 40 meter beam when
needed. It made working some of the Asian stations much easier. JT5DX and RC9O
both on the first call.

We were very lucky to have Paul, K1XM, here to for the first time to help us
out starting on Saturday morning. Paul is a first class operator and he really
did a great job whereever he was operating. Paul also brought his K3 and a
really good 10 meter filter which helped the station out as well.

We just couldn't keep up with KB1H and K9CT but it was an interesting horse
race to watch. Congratulations to both those teams for an outstanding effort.

MVP for this one gets split between Paul, K1XM, who made the most contacts and
Marc, KB1EKE, who although he didn't make any contacts had a huge impact on the
score because of his pre-contest efforts on the tower.

Best 73 to all,

Jerry - K0TV

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