[3830] Commonwealth VO2AAA(VO1AU) Open-24 HP

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Sun Mar 10 09:11:13 EDT 2013

                    RSGB Commonwealth Contest

Call: VO2AAA
Operator(s): VO1AU
Station: VO2WL

Class: Open-24 HP
QTH: Labrador City NL
Operating Time (hrs): 24

 Band  QSOs
   80:  130
   40:  271
   20:  314
   15:  204
   10:   29
Total:  948  Total Score = 9,540

Club: Team Canada, Eh?


Or, with the additional detail provided by N1MM's logging software:

 Band    QSOs    Pts  Cty   Sec (HQ stations)
   3.5     130    1570   40    6
     7     271    2575   54    7
    14     314    2770   54    6
    21     204    2060   46    6
    28      29     565   17    4
 Total     948    9540  211   29
Score: 9,540

Thank to Naz VO2NS and the Hams of Western Labrador (VO2WL) for letting me use
their club station.  Naz and his wife Carolyn also put me up in their home for
the weekend, fed me, entertained me and shuttled me around Labrador City and

Conditions were fairly good, and activity levels seemed quite high.  I found it
hard to get a real run going, but the long slow hours in the second half of the
contest seemed less arduous this time.  

Some of the more exciting DX I worked included several VUs, 9X0NH, 5X1XA,
5H3EE, 5N7M, ZS1EL, ZS1AAX and ZS6EZ.  

There was a good turnout of HQ stations: GB5CC, ZL6QH, VU2PTT, and at least
five from Canada: VO1RAC, VO2RAC (Naz, my host, at his house, about 300 metres
away from my station), VE1RAC, VA3RAC and VE7RAC.  Thank you all for being so

QSO totals seemed way up this year.  I heard several stations handing out QSO
numbers over 1,000.  

Just looking at my raw score, this looks like a personal best in BERU.  My best
placing has been #2 in the Open category, but with so many excellent scores,
I'll be lucky to be in the top ten this time.  

This year's conditions marked a great improvement over last year, when BERU was
hit my HF propagation blackouts.  Last year I was in Chatham Islands (ZL7), and
really suffered for the remoteness of my location.  Labrador is remote, too,
but in radio propagation terms, it's at the centre of Main Street.  What a

BERU is my favourite contest.  Keep it strong, RSGB.

Dave VO1AU 
also VO2AAA, VE3AAQ, VE9CB, ex-VE2ZP ex-T32AU, ex-JG1RSL and others...

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