[3830] Commonwealth G4FAL Open-24 HP

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Sun Mar 10 18:32:20 EDT 2013

                    RSGB Commonwealth Contest

Call: G4FAL
Operator(s): G4FAL
Station: G4FAL

Class: Open-24 HP
Operating Time (hrs): 20h56
Radios: SO2R

 Band  QSOs
   80:   42
   40:   86
   20:  118
   15:  102
   10:   47
Total:  395  Total Score = 7,555

Club: Chiltern DX Club


I operated from my holiday home in Lincolnshire. Conditions were good so scores
will be high this year.  I used a semi SO2R system - two radios and three
aerials - an A3S at 80 feet, a 40m 4-square and an 80m vertical. Receiving on
80m was on a K9AY.  Thanks to all the folk who put special effort into the
contest - both the organisers and travellers.

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