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Mon Mar 11 16:19:14 EDT 2013

                    Wisconsin QSO Party

Call: N0IJ
Operator(s): N0IJ
Station: N0IJ

Class: SO Mobile LP
QTH: Wisconsin
Operating Time (hrs): 7

 Band  CW Qs  Ph Qs
   80:   83      
   40:  452      
   20:  433     2
   15:    2      
Total:  970     2  Mults = 67  Total Score = 204,171.0

Club: Minnesota Wireless Assn


We were fortunate in that we didn't really see a lot of ice, and only had to be
super careful for about 45 minutes in the back woods of Sawyer and Bayfield
Counties.  In order to make this route, it requires a start about 100 miles
from home (Duluth), and a lot of 2nd and 3rd level roads, but it encompasses a
solid block of 18 NW counties.  For the seven hours of the contest, the car
never stopped!  We just about ran it out of gas!

My expert navigator/driver, NX0X did a magnificent job keeping us as close to
schedule as possible.  There was a time that we didn't think we would make it
to Douglas, our 18th county, but he got me there with 7 minutes to spare and
found a hungry group which netted 25 Q's!

Getting edged out by K0PC (W9DND) is getting to be a bad habit!  I'm happy that
I at least got 5 more Q's, but sure couldn't find those extra counties that he
had.  Knowing his skill and quality, I'm happy to be so close.  

What fun it was dealing with almost constant pile ups, and it made me
appreciate having the K3 in the car to accomplish this.  I join, Pat, K0PC, in
saluting Lynn, K9KR, for his years of outstanding leadership in this contest. 
It was nice to get Lynn in the log at least once!                              
Includes all bonus and power factor


1    132
2    142
3    121
4    150
5    154
6    123
7    152

Big thanks to the loyal group following us around and these great ops:

N2CU 22, NY4N 21, N5DO 19, WA2VYA NA0N NT2A 16, K0TI 15, N9AUG W0GXQ K9UIY KQ3F
N4CD 14, and special mention to the westerners WA6KHK and W7GKF 13.

Lots of fun hearing so many of the MWA group and thanks to all for the Q's.

John, N0IJ, Brian, NX0X

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