[3830] ARRLDX SSB P40P(W5AJ) SO Unlimited LP

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Mon Mar 11 23:30:36 EDT 2013

                    ARRL DX Contest, SSB

Call: P40P
Operator(s): W5AJ
Station: P40P

Class: SO Unlimited LP
QTH: Aruba
Operating Time (hrs): 

 Band  QSOs  Mults
  160:   68    31
   80:  350    49
   40:  680    57
   20: 1305    60
   15:  983    60
   10: 1585    56
Total: 4971   313  Total Score = 4,600,000

Club: Midland ARC


Nice weekend at Carl & Sue's contest station in Aruba.  

On "88" - had the ability to compare the 59100 log checking results from 2010
with 5988 used in 2011.  The Log checking report shows stations that miscopied
your  report - very significate difference between the two years.  while that
does not penalize me, it did help insure those contacting P40P would get the
exchange right & not be penalized.  hopfully that pans out this year.  For this
end of the path, less dupes.

Conditions were not as good this year.   Ten didn't open as well, 15 was
crowded.  At times 160 seemed to be a prison on signals, listening to PJ2T run
stations on 160 that I couldn't even hear a peep out of.

Great hosts at Aruba.  Fixing the beverage up before contest, getting the TH7s
& station all ready.  Thanks,

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