[3830] Rus DX SK2T(SM2LIY) SO CW HP

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Sun Mar 17 13:09:14 EDT 2013

                    Russian DX Contest

Call: SK2T
Operator(s): SM2LIY
Station: SK2AT

Class: SO CW HP
QTH: Umea KP03BU
Operating Time (hrs): 24

 Band  CW Qs  Ph Qs  Countries  Oblasts
  160:   201             40        45
   80:   369             53        57
   40:   248             53        59
   20:   259             51        66
   15:   179             56        40
   10:   157             45        36
Total:  1413    0       298       303  Total Score = 6,391,034

Club: Top of Europe Contesters


This was fun and kept me awake the full contest!
Very good conditions until Aurora started sunday morning when Aurora flutter
became obvious on 15m on UA9/UA0 stations, but 10m opened up quite nice last
Mainly S&P, with a few moments running. Average score 7,5p per QSO due to a
special interest to work 10 pointers. Had some problems with antennas on
antenna switch so lost rx and amp arched lots of time on saturday on the higher
bands, so when going to 40 i only used 160 loop with tuner on 40/80/160 and then
it was no problem. 

Hat of for the good russian CW operators, was normally no problem to call at
34-38 WPM speed in S&P which is not the normal case in contests.

Claimed new SOAB CW HP SM record.

ACOM 1000.
10/15/20 4 el yagis.
40/80/160 160m loop with MFJ antenna tuner.
N1MM software (perfect for hunting directions with skimmer - Russia).

73 / Per SM2LIY

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