[3830] Rus DX DK6XZ(E77XZ) SO Mixed HP

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Mon Mar 18 22:01:51 EDT 2013

                    Russian DX Contest

Call: DK6XZ
Operator(s): E77XZ
Station: DM0B

Class: SO Mixed HP
QTH: Rastatt - SG Stern
Operating Time (hrs): 24
Radios: SO2R

 Band  CW Qs  Ph Qs  Countries  Oblasts
  160:    74     0       35        30
   80:   198    59       51        54
   40:   388   144       62        62
   20:   239   271       62        61
   15:   320   225       72        65
   10:    99     7       42        25
Total:  1318   706      324       297  Total Score = 8,199,063

Club: Bavarian Contest Club


Unbeliveable and very impressive score done by the M/S crew of RT4F. 5800 QSO in
a 24-hours-effort - it means average hourly rate of more than 240 QSO! This
might be all-contest-all-time world record. Amazing one score of RL3A crew too.
Deserves every respect of ours. Chapeau!

As about me, 2024 QSO's, 621 MPL, 6,52 AVG. Seems to be O.K. for the first time
in the challenging Mixed Mode category. With something better tactics and some
luck the station DM0B would be capable for more. However we have lately some
issues with an amplifier and in addition one of two tribanders stopped rotating
after the first day. It was then no real SO2R any more. WinTest showed very bad
behaviour when I tryed operating two different modes on two radios. WT
changed/mixed up modes in the log, messing up the automatic mode of the
micro2R. An unsolved bug, I was told...

What was working, it was the team of DM0B, led by DK9IP, who supported me
strongly by setting up 2 x K3 & Co, and the Beverage On the Ground. BOG,
receiving antenna direction NN/E, was perfoming almost as good as a proper
Beverage. Considering ~130m of wire which was mostly layed on 20cm over the
ground only, a more than well directivity and a good RX quality was reached.

Impressive online scores of Tonno ES5TV and Ionut YP9W were motivating me to
see for more I can do to improve my own log situation :). Congrats guys! Quite
a few other nice scores through the categories. As always RDXC is a CW party
with great skills, even for my opinion skimmers are spoiling the game a bit. As
everyone shows up in the band-maps, a casual entrant can rely on to be called by
the others once skimmer got him... It, in my opinion, means strong dispersion of
the real pileups and lowering of the average rates. The best wird to work low
power and klick yourself through the QSO's ;).

Thank you all & see you in WPX's

73 Suad, DK6XZ

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