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Sun Mar 31 20:26:45 EDT 2013

                    CQWW WPX Contest, SSB

Call: N5TIT
Operator(s): N5TIT
Station: N5TIT

Class: SO(A)AB QRP
QTH: Carrollton, TX
Operating Time (hrs): 8

 Band  QSOs
   40:   28
   20:   36
   15:   31
   10:    6
Total:  101  Prefixes = 82  Total Score = 13,776

Club: DFW Contest Group


This was a hard fought contest for me.  My station is a wimpy station at best
with only a 75 foot end fed insulated wire laying on a 45 degreed roof facing
north.  With running QRP on top of that it was a battle for almost every QSO. 
I can only remember a small hand full of Q's that I did not have to repeat
several times either my call or the exchange.  Above the station and category
limitations I had a great time. I did notice that the 80M activity was mostly
below 3800 khz so not really much opportunity as a general for Q's there so I
concentrated on 40 and 20 meters mostly after sunset.  I guess it is time to
start studying for my extra to open up that part of 80M.  During the daylight
hours I was able to do good on 15M with a few Q's on 10M.  10M did provide a
bit of a challenge as most stations were to my south and the main angle of
radiation was north so stations to my south had a hard time hearing my signal. 
Thanks to all the stations for the Q's and will look forward to CQ WPX CW in

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