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Sun Mar 31 20:54:58 EDT 2013

                    CQWW WPX Contest, SSB

Call: ZM1G
Operator(s): ZL2HAM
Station: ZM1G

Class: SO(A)AB HP
QTH: Nelson, NZ
Operating Time (hrs): 30

 Band  QSOs
  160:    1
   80:   13
   40:   43
   20:  499
   15:  348
   10:  118
Total: 1022  Prefixes = 529  Total Score = 1,525,636



Just got a dual-band inverted-L up for 80 and 160, making this my first true
"all band" contest ever, even though I only had one Q on 160.

Generally poor condx in ZL, although at least 10 was open for a while to JA and
US. 15 was weak much of the time, 40 was awful, and propagation to EU was
sporadic at best (it's usually very good for me). 20 was my most active band,
which is not typical.

Band crowding was much worse than in previous contests, for some reason, in
spite of the poor condx. Splatter / wide signals and poor modulation are also
continuing to get worse. Definitely takes some fun out of the contest.

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