[3830] FlQP K4A M/MMixed HP

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Wed May 1 00:09:15 EDT 2013

                    Florida QSO Party

Call: K4A
Station: K4A

Class: M/MMixed HP
Operating Time (hrs): 20

 Band  CW Qs  Ph Qs
   40:  149     209
   20:  310     508
   15:   79     310
   10:   15     147
Total:  553    1174  CW Mults = 80  Ph Mults = 111  Total Score = 1,727

Club: Florida Contest Group


No multipliers or special CW QSO points for the 7 1x1 stations so the score is

We ran 3 stations nearly for all 20 hours. Total of 6 operators.  We found
Saturday to be much slower than Sunday, or at least it felt that way.  Seemed
like most of North America was enjoying the weekend and not working the FQP. 
About half way through Saturday our 30L-1 amp on the CW station blew up and
literally caught fire.  From that point forward, the CW station ran barefoot. 

We all had a a great time operating out of our fantastic Club Shack (L.A.R.A)
in Leesburg.  Did not run into too many fools (lids) on the bands but still
your normal cat calls by disgruntled crusty operators who have time on thier
hands to try to throw you off your game. We kept our frequency and outlasted
those Buggers.  Suprisingly no visit this year from our Kalamazo Koo Koo. 
Geeze we really missed him.  We had several stations that mentioned we were the
the last station they needed to complete the Florida Contest.  Probably not what
we wanted to hear, suggesting we might have been the toughest to find.  All our
SSB operations mainly ran on non directional antennas to attempt to provide
maximum opertunity to be heard and found.  Will be interesting if there are any
comments on us not being found by CW only entries as the CW station worked off a
A3S w/ 40m kit point anywhere from 280 (W) to 30 (NE).   

Our Setup: 
Station 1) A dedicated CW station
           K3 with a 30L-1 amp @ 500w (lasted half way through Saturday) then
100W for the rest
Station 2) An SSB station fixed on 15M & 20M opposite band of the CW
           Yaesu FT100D with an Alpha 87 @ 1500w
Station 3) An SSB station fixed on 10M and 40M and opposite of CW station
           Yaesu FT1000 Mark V with an Ameritron AL-572 @ 1200w

Software: N1MM V13.4.4 non-networked
Antennas: A3S w/ 40m kit at 25 feet
          A4S at 50 feet
          R7 vertical at 10 feet (our money antenna)
          40m/80m dipole Inverted Vee at 45 feet

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