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Sat May 4 21:06:59 EDT 2013

                    Florida QSO Party

Call: K4KG/M
Operator(s): K5KG VE7ZO
Station: K4KG

Class: M/SMixed LP
Operating Time (hrs): 20

 Band  CW Qs  Ph Qs
Total:  2491   319  CW Mults = 79  Ph Mults = 56  Total Score = 1,431,000

Club: Florida Contest Group


This was the 9th season that we have activated K4KG/m in the FQP and it was by
far the smoothest and most productive.  In this year’s running, we achieved
our personal bests for Q’s, mults, and counties activated. 

Our mobile was the same as previous years with a few small enhancements. 
Except for the small trailer we haul, the components that convert the Toyota
Highlander into our mobile contest station are neatly stored away by George in
his Siesta Key garage.  It takes about 1/2 day to assemble the pieces and then
a couple of hours to fine tune and road test.  A 5-band Force 12 Sigma 5
vertical dipole sits in the middle of the towed trailer allowing us to switch
quickly between 20/15/10.   This year we also had ham sticks switchable for 40M
and 20M on the vehicle roof that provided needed 20M antenna redundancy and
allowed us to do some signal comparison between the antennas.  We ran a K3
again and logged with WinTest.  WinTest is bullet proof for logging, however
there is no FQP module â€" we use the TxQP module â€" so multipliers
are documented on paper as we go.  (We have enquired about the possibility of
having an FQP module developed for WinTest, but it doesn’t seem likely that
it will happen.)

Our published route of 53 counties was achieved relatively easily thanks in
part to lack of heavy traffic and road construction.   We had a small cloud of
love bugs show up on the way to Polk County on Saturday morning but
fortunately, that was the last we saw of these critters for the rest of the
weekend.  Weather was sunny and mild.

Operating this contest is just plain fun.  Conditions this year were better
than any in recent memory with a choice of three bands at any given time and
10M likely being open more than we knew.  We heard stations on 10M but were
unable to raise any response in the FQP mobile window except for I4IKW on
Sunday afternoon.   15M featured strong signals into EU and an easy path to the
west coast.  20M stayed open so long that we delayed our move to 40M on Saturday
night till the last few hours, so our apologies to the GA, SC and AL ops.  Along
with the great domestic operators, it was a pleasure to consistently work DX on
15M both on phone and cw.  A special thanks as always to those ops that took
the time to dust off their mikes and give us a SSB QSO and multiplier.  (Once
we work one SSB multiplier, then we can leave everyone alone and concentrate
more heavily on rate.)  Great to see consistent SP, DL and I activity with a
special acknowledgment to LY5A who many times moved us to 15 CW/SSB and 20
CW/SSB and finished up with 74 total Q’s.   K0HC was the overall leader
deftly switching between SSB and CW to amass 86 Q’s.  Bob, VE3KZ managed to
work us 52 times, a great effort considering he was CW only.   

Memorable Q’s included JI3MJK who provided us with our first JA QSO (twice)
ever, former Floridian KH2/N2NL, VK2CZ on 15 SSB, and a number of Russian and
Ukrainian stations who were able to break through the pile ups.  

QSO totals were as follows:
K0HC 	86
LY5A 	74
K9NW	67
K3WW	53
K9CT	52
VE3KZ	52
K0JPL	47
K9PG	46
W9IU	46
K0RC 	44
VE9AA	34
AA1AR	26
DL3GA	25

Kudos to this fine team who made the 2013 FQP a possibility, and will continue
to work until the final scores have been calculated, and the write up has been

K1TO â€" FQP log checking, production of raw line scores, stats and
charts, and the final write up
K8NZ â€" Keying of hand-written logs
WC4E â€" Conversion of raw line scores, printing certificates, labels, and
certificate mailing
K9ES â€" Management of FQP plaque sponsorships, plaque production and
WB4OMM, N4PJ, N4LZ â€" 1x1 data processing and mailing of 1x1 award
WD4AHZ â€" Management of FQP web site, mailing list and assists with
getting logs through the robot
WF3C â€" Organizes 1x1 calls and collection of submitted photos
WI4GHK â€" Editing of FQP write up into its final form
KP4TR â€" translation of FQP rules into Spanish
N5KO & N5TR â€" IT support of robot and web hosting
Plaque Sponsors â€" Who fund the cost of the Plaque Program
FQP participants - Who make cash donations with their entries to help defray
Florida Contest Group â€" Covers the vast majority of contest expenses
K4OJ (SK) â€" Chief FQP Cheerleader who continues to watch over us 

73, George, K5KG & Jim, VE7ZO

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