[3830] NewEngQP VE9AA M/S HP

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Sun May 5 20:23:33 EDT 2013

                    New England QSO Party

Call: VE9AA
Operator(s): VE9AA
Station: VE9AA

Class: M/S HP
Operating Time (hrs): 5

 Band  CW-Dig Qs  Ph Qs
Total:    200       0  Mults = 10  Total Score = 40,000

Club: Maritime Contest Club


Single op + cluster = multi single.
Combined 3 QSO parties, so QSO count and scores are just wild guesses,
nowhere's near to reality. (OK, probably in the ballpark, but not to be used
for stats, awards, letters of congrats or yummy pie charts....hihi.

Well, going in I knew this would be a tuff slug as it always is, being right
next door. These guys are my neigbours. I installed a cloud burder multiband
dipole @ 10' just in case it would help with the close in guys ....it did in
cerftain cases, but usually the ground planes were best.

 THere was a little relief in the fact of an Es opening Saturday night which
put a few guys in the log on 15m and to a lesser extent, 20m that otherwise
would've been unworkable.

WA1Z/M has amaaaaazing ears.  There was only 1 time in all the times he appears
in my log (15) which he struggled to copy me.  That guy can copy CW !!! 90% of
the time he was literally a whsiper here and I usually listened to him send his
exchange to other guys a few times before I was sure of his cty.  Then I'd wait
for a peak, then call.....whew !
Ditto KM3T/M, though he was usually farther away and had a louder signal.
I can't forget K1KI/m, KX9X/m, nor the many portables and home stns out there.

I do believe New England was well represented this year.  I probably had my
best score.  Sadly, I didn't read the fine print until AFTER the contest, and
have to submit as a M/S, as I did have the packet turned on this year.  For
most of the biggie contests, I never use packet, but sometimes for the QSO
parties it becomes hard to find guys, so this year I thought I'd try it ....DOH

I made a good number (nearly 100) contacts on 20m , the overwhelming majority
of them literally right at the noise level.

  I am happy to report there are very few alligator stations in New England
(though there are still a couple....ARGH) (hi)

Cheers from "up here" in NB......Mike

IC-7410 or IC-746
WinKeyer USB, Bencher Paddles
Heil BM-10 
HF Help: MLA-2500 (sometimes, depends on contest)
6m Help: SB-226 (King conversions Heathkit)
2m Help: VE1RG(sk) homebrew ~ 500w
2m: 17B2 or M2-15el
4m: (yes, 4m), RX only 6el from Mapleleafcom.com
6m: A50-6S @ 24\'
10m: Wire ground plane, base @ 25\' or LJ-105CA @ 25\'
15m: Wire Ground plane for 40m band, base @ 15\'
20m: Wire Ground plane for 80m band (5/16th wave on 80m), base @ 4\'
40m: Wire Ground plane, base @ 15\'
80m: Wire Ground plane, base @ 4\'
160m: Wire Inverted L (more like inverted U) base @ 1\' (50x1/4wl
73 de Mike VE9AA

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