[3830] NewEngQP WA1Z/M SO Mobile LP

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Mon May 6 12:23:57 EDT 2013

                    New England QSO Party

Call: WA1Z/M
Operator(s): WA1Z
Station: WA1Z/M

Class: SO Mobile LP
Operating Time (hrs): 20

 Band  CW-Dig Qs  Ph Qs
   80:      41       0
   40:     426      10
   20:     722      67
   15:     210       8
   10:       0       0
Total:    1399      85  Mults = 87  Total Score = 250,821

Club: Yankee Clipper Contest Club


Thanks to everyone who called in this weekend.  There were literally dozens of
repeat callers from the Canadian Maritimes to California. That really makes
county changes so much fun in those first few minutes.  Thank you to all and I
hope all the NEQP activity kept things interesting on your end!  Top QSO total
goes to N2WN with 45, followed by N4PN (40), W0EA (31), and NF4A (30).  

Also had a dedicated group of repeat DX callers: The most being RL3A with 24,
followed by UA3AGW (17), OK2EC (15), SP1AEN (13), AH6RE and EA6AZ (5), DK3BN,
UA6LCN and SM5CSS (4), PA0LOU and PA3AAV (3) and more. 

Thanks again to Tom, K1KI, for organizing another great NEQP! 

Radio: Elecraft K3, 100 watts. 

Antennas: Hustler monoband resonators 80-10.  Resonators mounted on Hustler
MO-2 masts. Two antenna mounts available on the rear hatch. 

Logging: Computer logging on laptop powered by combination of internal
batteries and sealed jump-start batteries

>From an implementation point of view, this was a carbon copy of last year's
effort.  Kurt, W6PH, and I joined forces again with Kurt doing the driving
while I operated.    I sat in the passenger side back seat with the K3 and
Win-Keyer set up on a small table to my left. I used a lap desk to hold the
laptop and paddle.  With the right amount of pressure against the desk or car
door, I managed to keep things stable enough to operate as we traveled through
the winding back roads of Maine.  

Two Comet antenna mounts are installed on the back of the car for quick
switching between two bands. These are trunk-lip mounts that are not designed
to be used with the medium-duty MO-2 masts. To make the antennas very secure, I
constructed a harness made from PVC sections that extends from the car's roof
rack for added stability.

Once again, Kurt kept us on schedule in our trek through 22 total counties
involving 32 county changes.  

Conditions and activity were fantastic.  It was nice to have 15 Meters as
another option to keep the rate up, especially in Maine's larger northern
counties.  I got a couple requests to move to 10 Meters.  I moved as soon as we
could pull over safely, but found no activity each time.  

One of the many highlights of the weekend was getting called by JA4DND and
JO7WXN on 15 Meters Saturday afternoon.  When we were still looking for OK and
MS on Sunday afternoon, Kurt kept crossing his fingers when every W5 called. 
Lots of thumbs-up signs were exchanged between the front and back seat as
multipliers called in, especially in the last hours of the contest on Sunday
when YU2A, VE7CV, K5FA (MS), XE1/AA0AA, and TF3Y called in.

NEQP always seems to have a nice activity increase on Sunday afternoon and this
year was no different.  Combined with the fact that Belknap NH was still needed
by many of the NEQP Deserving, the final two hours produced QSO rates of 107
and 123!  Funny to hear later that KM3T/Kelly and WA1Z/W6PH were on a
"collision course" of sorts, racing to BELNH!  Glad we were both able
to get a couple sweeps out of it for folks.

The multiplier breakdown is 52 State/Prov and 35 DX mults. 487 unique callsigns
were worked this weekend. 

County breakdown:

County	CW	Phone	Mults	Score
HILNH	64	1	29	3741
ROCNH	32	1	25	1625
STRNH	42	0	26	2184
YORME	58	0	30	3480
CUMME	55	3	29	3277
ANDME	54	1	29	3161
SAGME	71	0	34	4828
LINME	58	0	33	3828
KNOME	55	0	33	3630
WALME	56	2	32	3648
HANME	37	0	22	1628
PENME  121     14	41     10496	
AROME	50	3	23	2369
PISME	67	7	29	4089
SOMME	89	2	33	5940
KENME	61	4	26	3276
FRAME	55	2	23	2576
OXFME	68     34	34	5780
COONH	76	7	36	5724
GRANH	71	2	34	4896
BELNH	80	1	39	6279
MERNH	79	1	34	5406
22 CTY	1399	85	87	250,821

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