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Tue May 14 13:14:01 EDT 2013

                    Volta RTTY DX Contest

Call: IQ1RY
Station: IQ1RY

Class: M/S HP
QTH: Bra
Operating Time (hrs): 24

 Band  QSOs  Mults
   80:   31    17
   40:  159    46
   20:  440    77
   15:  395    86
   10:  129    56
Total: 1154   282  Total Score = 2,147,483,647

Club: Rhein Ruhr DX Association


We have had another blast! The 47th Volta that was really a great time, as the
Volta Contest is since then. This time IQ1RY was manned around the clock by
four of us, almost half of this small group is RTTY addicted. One is our
section president, chapeau. And the fourth of those braves, the youngest, is so
radio and contesting addicted that anything about is right. All operators at
IQ1RY meet at different times and with different operating tables along the
whole contest. But the pleasure to be there on air doing the Volta this year
would be the one that the great part of us will remember for a lot. Several
things get on the right way since the start. I performed the setup as usual
coming there in the middle of our 11th morning. After a short time for checkout
… Mario, IK1HXN, and me, were ready for the first QSO: TU Ben, WB2RHM. Other
two operators had the job to close, Renato, I1BEP, and again me, were there for
the last Volta QSO for this year: TU David, MM0AMW.  Him was also a multiplier,
what to ask of better? Filippo, IZ1LBG, was operating late in the opening time,
our middle afternoon, until our local evening, driving his side quite only on

What else in the middle: pure contesting pleasure, by anyone of us. We are
still speaking about things that happen during the 24 hours contest … since
yesterday during my 90 Km trip back to home, just two hours after the end. I
was really busy in these two hours, breaking the whole setup and racking up all
the goodies to get back in a hurry. So my trip wasn’t all that alone.
Remembering those 10m opened in the deep of our local night and those ZL
calling us just then from theirs so far away shacks. Not even a handful of
ZL’s but each one was happily welcomed. Not that many 4/5 bands QSO but a 3
band ZL1BYZ, TU John. Some five bands QSO’s are DK3RA, DL5KUD and ON6NL, TU
Guenter, Jo and Anton . We missed some of you on 80m just because there
wasn’t enough time to operate also there as 10m were pretty well opened for a
lot the night. As 20m and 15m for the to say the truth. We managed to have some
W 80m QSOs but not that much. A particular thank to IS0LFZ, TU Franco, that we
meet unluckily only 4 times, missing him just on 10m, a too short skip would be
needed (lack of Es?). Nonetheless also several HB stations called in, so the
skip whas long and short together out of 10m.

What to say more? I would use the words of Mike, K4GMH, that reached us from
his shack. As I am one of the last here in the game those words and the way as
him say that: that was a great surprise for me. TU Mike! Usually, when solo
(SO), I run like an happy frantic puppy to stay on track with him, but I never
did it right. CU on the next solo from here, late this year, Mike, you first I
know. That’s the fragment of the MMTTY log (2Tone have not this facility,
I was jumping out of the chair at the time, Mike do you listen the crash, are
you still smiling about … oh, sorry, no remote audio, that’s RTTY! ;->
I just cited some of you, but IQ1RY, all of us operators, have to thanks all
who have had the pleasure to stop by and have a QSO. There are even more to
thank some of us that were too weak and strives to call us, but regrettably we
have had to send our WeakQSA macro, sorry guys. Hope you went back on us. 
As usual we had the pleasure to get at any time a 001 from a lot of you out
there, that’s great.
The RTTY skimmer was of great help to our north and to our west, somewhat
stepper to our east.
The WX locally was a little bit harder than the prop. Heavy Spring storms
turned all around us. QRN was terrible, but we managed to survive, to the
strong RX noise and to the gusts of the winds. Black clouds were traveling very
fast over us, but no rain at all. The nearby trains electrical noise went quite
unnoticed under the heavy, even if far away, WX QRN. 
BTW we made a change in our setup. One of our 2 IC-7600 went changed with a K3
#28XX, with a belonging P3. The K3 received great comments from everybody,
particularly Mario was excited on 80m, even for a short run, telling me “ …
ours small pennants seems to be the greatest and longer Beverages …”. As
usual it was on command by the logger for filters switching and dual-pb but now
also for power control and CLEARRIT. Things that the 7600 and its brothers still
lack. Just about the P3, you could see literally when anyone was trying to jump
on your feet and not only to ear that rattling noise. Often it was instrumental
to find that free spot were to RUN. 

That was our A. Volta 47th edition at IQ1RY, a real pleasure. It was at least a
great Contest, great propagation, great friends and great competitors. Some
well-known call sign went not in the log, but also they weren’t on air AFAIK.
Hope they will be with us next time (were are you Fabi and Steve?). Last but not
least a great N1MM Logger! It wasn’t affected at all by the high declared
score syndrome, FB, those dreaded signed integer variables didn’t knock down
our efforts. 2Tone was also great on pair of the strong going MMTTY. Those
great programmers were all with us at IQ1RY during the Contest.

                 73 de iw1ayd Salvo, one of IQ1RY 

PS = BTW our two last letters in the call sign aren’t just an incoherent
puzzle of symbols, guess why?

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