[3830] 50FallSprnt WW7D/R Rover LP

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Mon Aug 11 13:14:44 EDT 2014

                    50 MHz Fall Sprint

Call: WW7D/R
Operator(s): WW7D
Station: WW7D

Class: Rover LP
Operating Time (hrs): 2.25

Total:  QSOs = 56  Mults = 22  Tot Dist(km) = 0  Total Score = 1,232

Club: Pacific Northwest VHF Society


This was a most enjoyable sprint.  I started out with the intention of
activating seven grids, but a few problems delayed my start for 30 minutes into
the Sprint, so I only made it to six grids.

I activated two grids (CN76 and CN77) by flying to Ocean Shores airport, where
the airplane ramp is split between both grids.  A weak Es provided a handful of
(much appreciated) out-of-region QSOs. I skipped activating CN86 out of the
nearby Hoquiam airport.  Then I flew back to my home airport, jumped into my
truck and activated CN87, CN88, CN97, and CN98. 

Grid	Qsos	Mults
CN76	7	4
CN77	10	5
CN87	11	4
CN88	8	3
CN97	12	3
CN98	8	3
Total 	56	22

The Op Time doesn't include the time while I was flying.  

The full story is here:  http://tinyurl.com/WW7D6m14FallSprint

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