[3830] NAQP SSB W3DQ Single Op LP

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Sun Aug 17 17:15:26 EDT 2014

                    North American QSO Party, SSB - August

Call: W3DQ
Operator(s): W3DQ
Station: W3DQ

Class: Single Op LP
Operating Time (hrs): 4

 Band  QSOs  Mults
  160:    5     5
   80:   21     9
   40:   39    20
   20:   37    16
   15:   23     8
   10:    1     1
Total:  126    59  Total Score = 7,434

Club: Potomac Valley Radio Club

Team: PVRC Downtown DC Team #1


I thought I could avoid (my) birthday events, but alas, that was not possible. 

As I've never been a "summer contester," I was surprised at the up,
down and non-existent (10m) the bands were. 

While it was not necessarily fun, it was good to know that I haven't lost all
of my enthusiasm and abilities (slight as they are) over the past couple of
years of less operating time than I would have liked. 

One funny note. Others have mentioned that stations calling out their name and
QTH makes the contest more intimate and fun. I found it somewhat disquieting, 
as it seemed to take the need to copy less important...a bit like the autofill
function. In my case, way too many people "reminded" me that I was in
DC, which while true, was irrelevant, as DC counts as Maryland (which I accept
gave as my QTH) and N1MM logger will not accept DC in the "state"

Eric W3DQ

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