[3830] OhQP DM5EE Single Op HP

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Sun Aug 24 09:48:14 EDT 2014

                    Ohio QSO Party

Call: DM5EE
Operator(s): DM5EE
Station: DM5EE

Class: Single Op HP
Operating Time (hrs): 10

 Band  CW Qs  Ph Qs
   40:   47      7
   20:   43     22
   15:   22      6
Total:  102     35  CW Mults = 47  Ph Mults = 22  Total Score = 17,871

Club: Bavarian Contest Club


This year's contest was a mixture of pleasure and pain but the pleasure
prevailed. I was not planning for a full effort for several reasons, listed
under "Pain" but ended up for an 80% contest participation from


- My FT-1000MP's main RX is broken and waiting for a time slot of the local
repair shop. This meant that I could only use the Sub RX that has no installed
IF filter, neither do any of the DSP/Audio functions work on the Sub RX.
Constantly hearing 3kHz+ was no fun, especially with the weaker signals.
Apologies to all those that I had trouble hearing properly!

- Local man-made noise was bad until 2330z: S5 noise on 20m and S4 on 15m all
across the bands. Since OH signals on these bands were weak for the first
several hours, I could only hear the strong stations and missed the mobiles
almost entirely until about 2100 when 20m signals finally picked up.

- QRN from thunderstorms was strong on 40 and 80 but it seems that Ohio had
similar or even worse problems, as I could not get through to any of the
copyable 80m stations. Best I got were some "?" from K1LT.

- My daughter had invited about 20 friends for her farewell party as she leaves
for a voluntary year in HK. This made me miss about two hours of the contest
with preparations and driving chores later at night.


- Good activity and many mobiles: K8MR topped the list of QSOs by far due to
many QSYs (tnx Jim!!) but County-wise, he had close followers with K8O, W9MSE
and W8UE. Only ran into K8RYU once. Thank you all for your efforts which make
the contest stay interesting until the end. Fortunately, I had read the note
about W1AW/8 operating from several places in advance...

- Good 15m conditions which allowed me to move several stations from 20 and run
both Phone and CW QSOs there. Conditions were good until late at night but CQ
calls yielded no results and the crowd had moved to lower frequencies.

- Working Hank/N8XX QRP as both N8Q and W1AW/8. Did not hear the other QRP
stations but rarely called CQ myself.

- Great DX conditions to all continents. During the contest period, I worked
4W, S0, A3, KH6, HK, 5E, ZP, CX and C3. Got answers from UA0, West Coast on my
CQ Ohio calls.

FT-1000MP (Sub RX only), FL7000 / 400W, Cushcraft X7 clone (15, 20), rotary
dipole (40), all at 55ft, G5RV(80) inv-V, N1MM Logger.

73! Uli, DM5EE

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