[3830] KsQP N0N(N0NB) Single Op LP

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Tue Aug 26 09:29:58 EDT 2014

                    Kansas QSO Party

Call: N0N
Operator(s): N0NB
Station: N0NB

Class: Single Op LP
Operating Time (hrs): 16

 Band  CW Qs  Ph Qs  Dig Qs
   40:   48     49       
   20:  116    278     89
   15:   74     34       
   10:           7       
Total:  238    368     89  Mults = 56  Total Score = 96,152



Moved back out to the farm where the noise level is MUCH lower and the
improvement in my score is quite noticeable.  I worked many stations right at
the noise on my wire antennas so I was obviously getting out even at 100 Watts.
 Highlight was working UW7LL on CW, phone, and PSK31.  Fabulous job by Yarik!  I
seem to recall one other station catching me on all three modes.

Band conditions were pretty good although 20m was surprisingly short on
Saturday as I worked several other KS stations on 20m--a distinct rarity, yet I
was also working Europe and all over north America.  It seemed as though I just
couldn't get 10m going and 15m phone was kind of a bust.  A very good run on
20m phone late Saturday was a great boost to my confidence and score.

As this is the fourth year for us running the 1x1 calls, it sure seems to have
become a fixture in our party and the scores show that the KS QSO Party is
quickly becoming a very popular event.  VT, the Dakotas, and too much of Canada
eluded me although I had Yukon and Prince Edward Is. stop by but couldn't snag
Manitoba or Quebec.  Hmmmm.

A good showing this year is giving me incentive to improve my antennas.

73, Nate, N0N/N0NB

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