[3830] WiQP W9DND(K0PC) SO Mobile LP

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Mon Mar 10 13:37:17 EDT 2014

                    Wisconsin QSO Party

Call: W9DND
Operator(s): K0PC
Station: K0PC

Class: SO Mobile LP
Operating Time (hrs): 7

 Band  CW Qs  Ph Qs
   80:   46      
   40:  488      
   20:  319      
Total:  853     0  Mults = 66  Total Score = 176,394.0

Club: Minnesota Wireless Assn


The long winter in this area came to an end on Sunday. We finally
broke through the freezing temperatures to hit the mid 40s. It
looks like the WIQP weather genie is back at work.

John, W9DND, and I ventured out for another great run through 
western Wisconsin. We ran the same route as last year and it 
worked very well. The roads were in very good shape with a few
potholes to keep us awake.

Our score was down considerably from last year (about 20%) but 
we didn't have any problems. We operated primarily on 40M & 20M 
throughout the day. We went to 80M for the last half hour or so. 
I reconfigured the antenna a bit this year to try to get it to 
tune on 15M but it still doesn't want to go there.

We had 227 unique calls in the log with an array of heavy hitters
who followed us all day.
23 - KV8Q
16 - AA4FU
16 - OM2VL
14 - N0UR
14 - W1END
14 - W9EAU
13 - K9NW
13 - KQ3F

Thanks to these and everyone who make this event so much fun. The
West Allis RC deserves commendation for sponsoring WIQP every year.

Pat K0PC & John W9DND

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