[3830] ARRL 10 WA7LNW SO Mixed Unlimited LP

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Sun Dec 13 21:03:59 EST 2015

                    ARRL 10-Meter Contest

Call: WA7LNW
Operator(s): WA7LNW
Station: WA7LNW

Class: SO Mixed Unlimited LP
QTH: Utah
Operating Time (hrs): 2
Remote Operation

 Band  QSOs  Mults
   CW:  57     42
  SSB:   1      1
Total:  58     43  Total Score = 9,890



Apologize, WA7LNW RBN CW Skimmer suddenly began posting incorrect frequencies
Saturday morning.  This required an unscheduled visit to remote receiving site
in order to cycle power on QS1R SDR receiver. I now have the QS1R on a web
power controller so this procedure may be performed remotely.

Holiday activities with family this weekend limited operating time.  Looking
forward to upcoming Jan/Feb 2016 contest lineup.

Station: TS-480, HEX Beam @ 60 ft., HF-2V vertical 40/80 meters.

73's de Jack, WA7LNW

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