[3830] TBDC W5JR(@K4PI) Single Op QRP

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Sun Dec 27 22:02:41 EST 2015

                    Stew Perry Topband Challenge

Call: W5JR
Operator(s): W5JR
Station: K4PI

Class: Single Op QRP
Operating Time (hrs): 6:45

Total:  QSOs = 126  Total Score = 828

Club: Georgia Contest Group


Well, that was interesting.

Wanted to try the QRP class this year. Since the home antennas would be futile
for QRP, I secured the use of a (significantly) better location that I had some
previous experience with last Dec '14 for the W1AW/4 160 operation. I mean, hey,
giving up 24.8 dB right off the bat, but using a purpose built 160m location
ought to make it no worse than low power from my place. And with the receive
antennas, I should be able to dig out the "weak" ones while running.
That all worked good last year (across 7 nights...).

The start didn't go well. As I typed the received exchange into the entry
window, it would randomly erase what I typed leaving the logging program to
request a fill from the station I'm working despite that I copied his info
easily. *REAL* frustrating. Then I spent the next two hours looking for a
solution trying every combination in the settings. No joy. With it this way,
the rate would be really slow and the effort a bust. Finally had to disconnect
the radio from the logging program, so there went my worked stations in the
bandmap. Without a panadapter or worked stations in a bandmap, I was back to
old school. I've tested various cable combinations this evening back at home
and now have a winning "golden" set that is working as expected.

Kudos to those that stuck with me and pulled the signal out of the noise. I
could tell it was tough sledding at times due to the numerous "agn"
requests. Since I could hear very well for the most part, I answered a lot of
CQ's where that 28.4 dB delta took its toll. I did switch to RUN mode several
times and had pretty good success. If a station could hear me calling CQ,
chances were high the rest of the exchange was a piece of cake. The runs didn't
seem to last very long, though.

The band conditions of course were not stellar. And lots of texting with family
back in the DFW area to make sure they were safe after the storms. One thing is
for certain, more BIC is needed to get a good score from this great location.
Given how the conditions essentially killed my chances for working EU this
year, it would have been better to start earlier, and especially not miss the
first two hours after sunset with technical difficulties. I can tell that many
operators are only around for a few hours, so got to catch it when the fire is

K3 turned down to 5w. Wire 4 square hanging off a 140' tower for transmit. 5
beverages. Hi-Z 8 circle array.

Looking forward to the CQ160. I plan to be signing KH6RS, but not QRP.

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