[3830] 144FallSprnt WZ1V Single Op HP

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Tue Sep 22 07:14:00 EDT 2015

                    144 MHz Fall Sprint

Call: WZ1V
Operator(s): WZ1V
Station: WZ1V

Class: Single Op HP
Operating Time (hrs): 2.5

Total:  QSOs = 48  Mults = 21  Tot Dist(km) = 0  Total Score = 1,008

Club: North East Weak Signal Group


As Murphy would have it, missed most of the first hour 
then rotor stuck during second half, went out and 
lowered tower, tried to nudge it with long pole, 
but no luck. Mysteriously started turning again 
after cranking tower back up. I'm sure I missed 
some Q's from all that but on the bright side 
activity level was good and the conditions were 
fair. Probably the furthest contacts were out to 
K5VIP FM16, VE3DS FN03, and VE3ZV EN92, who were 
all close to 400 miles or over. Looking forward 
to the 222 Sprint next week. 
-73, Ron WZ1V, FN31rh

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