[3830] 432SprngSprnt K8CC Single Op LP

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Thu Apr 28 12:03:53 EDT 2016

432 MHz Spring Sprint

Call: K8CC
Operator(s): K8CC
Station: K8CC

Class: Single Op LP
Operating Time (hrs): 4

Total:  QSOs = 16  Mults = 13  Tot Dist(km) = 0  Total Score = 208

Club: Mad River Radio Club


Station: FT-847 (50W), Cushcraft 19L Boomer @ 75'

First try at the 432 Sprint.  Enjoyed myself but it would be nice if there were
more people to work.  Only missed a couple of stations that I heard, but
couldn't get to before they disappeared.  Was surprised to easily work a number
of stations right at the noise level, despite my power output of only 50W.

I sure missed my K1FO 8874 amp.  Gotta get that fixed and back on the air :-)

Congratulations to everyone who got on, and thanks for the QSOs.

I plan to be back next time.

73, Dave/K8CC

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