[3830] ARRL Jan VHF N2NT Limited Multi-Op HP

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Mon Feb 1 20:14:19 EST 2016

                    ARRL January VHF Contest

Call: N2NT
Operator(s): N2NT N2NC WW2Y
Station: N2NT

Class: Limited Multi-Op HP
Operating Time (hrs): 24

 Band  QSOs  Mults
    6:  231    29
    2:  300    38
  222:   81    26
  432:  108    23
Total:  720   116  Total Score = 105,444

Club: Frankford Radio Club


We had a real radio weekend at N2NT with the 160 contest in the upstairs HF
shack (N2NT & WW2Y) and the ARRL VHF in the downstairs VHF shack.

Activity level seemed good.  It was nice to reach 300 QSOs on 2 meters.  Using
FSK441 to work some far away grids on meteor scatter on an otherwise dead 6
meters was very cool.

Andy and I took advantage of the warm WX in December to move our 222 yagi from
the bottom of the mast to the top of the mast.  It was sitting several feet
below a KT34-XA and 222 never sounded "hot" in that configuration. 
We also replaced the feedline with 7/8" hardline.  The improvement was
very noticeable and we now feel that 222 is performing properly.

The list of things that can be easily improved is getting shorter.  We have KW
amps on 50-222 MHz.  Might have to start thinking about more than 100W on 432.

Thanks to Andy and his XYL Bonnie for once again putting up with a few hams
invading their house all weekend.


John N2NC, for the N2NT VHF operations

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