[3830] ARRL Jan VHF K1TEO Single Op HP

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Wed Feb 3 09:07:13 EST 2016

                    ARRL January VHF Contest

Call: K1TEO
Operator(s): K1TEO
Station: K1TEO

Class: Single Op HP
Operating Time (hrs): 27

 Band  QSOs  Mults
    6:  231    42
    2:  301    42
  222:   98    30
  432:  153    33
  903:   32    14
  1.2:   44    17
  2.3:   17     8
  3.4:   10     7
  5.7:    3     2
Total:  889   195  Total Score = 307,710

Club: North East Weak Signal Group


I enjoyed the contest though there were more problems than I'd like. On the plus

-The weather really cooperated. It was in the 40's on Saturday and 50 on
Sunday. While I didn't experience any enhancement it was nice not to have the
power line noise we often have in this contest with cold/dry/windy condx

-My bottom 6 bands all seemed to work as expected.

-Activity was better than last year. Still not what it was a few years ago but
an uptick is nice. 

-Enjoyed working all the regulars and having the chance to say a quick hello

I also experienced:

- Major issues with the bands above 1296. I ran into a problem with my 2304 amp
earlier in the week and was unable to repair it. Ended up running 1 w. Missed a
half dozen stations on that band and a couple of grids that were good copy. My
3456 rx remains terrible. Stations that copy me fine are in the noise or not
there. And my 10 ghz station that I thought I fixed still did not work. Back to
the drawing board. 

- My noise issue on 2M remains. It is likely a Part 15 device somewhere and
when it comes on it wipes out about 80 degrees of the compass on 2, which is
the main contesting band here. Both days it came on around 4 or so and after
that both evenings I could only work 2M SW or NE. Often the noise comes on in
the mornings so this was actually a "lucky" weekend. 

-The number of rovers remains lower than in past years. And especially those
with microwave bands. My 6 - 1296 scores are reasonable for past years, but
between the equipment issues and fewer rovers to work my overall score is my
lowest in many years because of the lack of 8 point QSO's and the mults that
come along. 

Tnx for the Q's and hope you all had fun. 

Jeff K1TEO

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